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Exploring what it means to be a pastoral companion.

Michael Forster, Author Thinker Speaker

Michael Forster is a writer and a retired URC minister - but it's a little more complex than that. His first career was as a music teacher before training for ordination, since when he's been minister of three churches and a senior chaplain in a large NHS mental health, community and learning disability Trust. That took up the greater part of his ministry and during it he gained a post-graduate diploma in counselling and psychotherapy. All these experiences influence his thinking, his faith and his writing.


He is at heart a communicator - whether on the written page, at speaking engagements, or through the medium of music as a clarinettist.


In another of his parallel lives (Don’t ask how many he’s got - two are enough to cover here) he makes hand-crafted furniture and writes up his projects for craft magazines.


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Michael Forster is a freelance writer specializing in the area of Christian spirituality and pastoral care.